Road Map – Way forward Global Commitment for Decent Work By Catholic -inspired organizations


"We are not simply talking about ensuring nourishment or a “dignified sustenance” for all people, but also their “general temporal welfare and prosperity”. This means education, access to health care, and above all work, for it is through free, creative, participatory and mutually supportive work that human beings express and enhance the dignity of their lives. A just wage enables them to have adequate access to all the other goods which are destined for our common use.”(1)

 As representatives of Catholic-inspired organizations and religious congregations, we gathered in Rome on 29-30 April 2014, together with officials of the Holy See and of the International Labour Organization, with one aim:  to make “decent work for all” an explicit goal of the post-2015 sustainable  development goals.

We insist that access to decent work be guaranteed for all through the formulation and implementation of the new set of international development goals, including supportive conditions and economic policies.

We reiterate our commitment to achieve access to decent work as already expressed in our statement on Post 2015[2]. The promotion and creation of an enabling environment for decent work is essential to address the current challenges of inequalities and growing social injustice, while reinforcing human dignity and contributing to the common good. Human suffering resulting from unjust structures, from precarious and poorly remunerated forms of work, from human trafficking and forced labor, from widespread forms of unemployment among youth and from involuntary migration cannot remain without response.

We commit to work together and in close collaboration with the International Labor Organization and relevant stakeholders to promote decent work.


1st May - International Day of the working people

"LET’S BUILD A JUST, FRATERNAL AND SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY!" Today, society requires that men and women work live with dignity and equality, where justice, solidarity and fraternity prevail.

In this 1st May, International Day of the men and women of the working world, the World Movement of Christian Workers (WMCW) denounces the precarious work and family that workers in the world live, regardless of race, colour, economic status, language or religion and promotes the right of individuals and families to have incomes or basic income that allow them to live with dignity.

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